Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the  one that will condition your day. So we continue with our summer series which is why we opted for a fresh, delicious and specially very complete jar of breakfast with yoghurt, cereals and fruits. This is exactly the kind of breakfast you should have during your teatox, it has all the nutriments you need and it’s very healthy.

As in very week we put two ingredients in spotlight and this week the winners are : Carambola ( also named starfruit) and Chai seeds.



Welcome in August, themonth of exotic products. So we had to start wth a very seasonal fruit, exotic and unique here is the carambole, some of you may already know it and some not. This fruit is low in calories and is very rich in vitamins, it will provide you tone and vitality as is a concentration of energy. But is particularity is his shape who is the start when its cut. Most of people even use it as decoration. But of course is eatable, in juice, salade or raw, you will love it is a lilte bet sweet and slightly acidulated. It is stuffed with vitamin A and C essential for your well-being.

Nutritional value



This sage from Mexico is a full in proteins and a good antioxydant provided by his polyphenols. It’s an excellent source of Omega-3, very rich in dietary fiber and soluble, Chai seeds helps with intestinal transit and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease. It’s eaten raw and takes a gelatinous substance in contact with a liquid. Chai seeds have an allergic potential, people allergic to other seeds ( flax, sesame…) should consume with caution.

Nutritional value


  • 1/2 jar of plain yogurt ( sugar free)

  • 2 tablespoons of muesli cereals

  • A grenade

  • Carambola Fruit

  • 1 tablespoon of chai seeds

  •  Kiwi

  • Banana

  • 1 Mandarin


Wash and roughky cut the fruit.

Mix the yogurt and chai seeds and fill the jar half with this mixture. Add the cereals on the top, then the fruit, starting with banana slices ad finishing with the pieces of carambola. You can use the fruits of your choice for this recipe like orange, peaches, strawberries or blueberries

It’s ready.

For a very complete breakfast enjoy with a cup of Bon & Bio iced Tea