This is our most flavorful and fruity blend. Naturally CAFFEINE FREE, this herbal blend is just on time for summer.
With Red Rooibos, Blueberries, raspberries, Hibiscus, Elderberries, Rose petals and lavender petals a very exotic recipe that is diuretic and full of antioxydant, the best refresher for hot days.
Perfect iced tea for summer this blend is packed with antioxidant and offers a lot of health benefits.
Parisian Herbal Iced Tea 56 grams 8OZ 25 cups.



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    Red Rooibos can Aids with weight loss and streamline disgestion

    Blueberries are low in calories and full of antioxydants 

    Raspberries are antioxydants and good source of Vitamine C

    Hibiscus is a packed with antioxydant and could promote weight loss 

    Elderberries are antioxydant and diuretic which with water retention.

    Rose Petal are a very rich source of Vitamic A, C and E 

    Lavender improve sleep and boost immune health.


    Consume two to three infusions per day after or during meals. It is best to infuse the tea for 4 to 5 minutes ( or longer if you want it stronger) before consumption.

    Our Advice

    Consume six grams per day or three tea bags. For your well-being, we do not advise back to back detox. We recommend waiting at least three weeks between each BBTEA detox. Accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular physical activity, our teas will help you lose weight and achieve your goals. This is recommendations for a detox program if you want faster results of the benefits of our teas. However, you can drink Bon et Bio Tea the way you wish it. To learn more about our teatox program please consult our FAQ



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