The first motivation of a diet is often the desire to lose weight. But this goal is not enough: once the extra kilos have gone, you have to stabilize your weight and stay healthy.

Healthy lifestyle is the key of success. The numbers are not very encouraging: more than 90% of those who have died eventually regain weight.These results prove above all that a punctual regimen is ineffective: in order not to regain weight, one must modify one’s way of life and adopt definitive good habits and a healthy lifestyle.

1. Set a weight range

 It’s useless to hope to do the same weight every day, all year round. Life is made up of uncertainties: a big cold, two stressful weeks at work … These small events can cause a variation in weight.Rather than focusing on an ideal figure, a reasonable range is therefore evaluated.

Our objective is to accept the variations, but not the roller coaster, and we always stay within the interval we set. So if you go over that same 1 kilo you’ll know you have to start doing something. Remember that the yoyo effect of weight is one of the causes of stretch marks on the body.

2. Continue to have regular physical activity

Whichever sport you practice, it is essential to do it regularly, avoiding long periods of interruption. We also think of practicing with two or more people : if you have one or more partners to discourage you of skipping a seesion and morivate you to practice more, you will have greater chance to be regular and even enjoy fitness.

Praticing 2 or 3 hours of activity per week minimum or 30 to 40 min daily like ( walking, strairs, gardering…) Swimming ( as is summer is the perfect time to enjoy the pool or the sea and have a water physical activity), cycling is another good idea of sport during summer. however you have to enjoy and like what you are doing is the best way to become regular. check our post about fitness class that you will love 

3. Eat with pleasure and above all eat healthy

When you start a detox, your motivation is still intact, and good results seems easy to hold.With time, weight loss can be a futher encouragement. It is therefore, once the diet is over that the risk of yielding to indulgence is the highest. In additioni, eating releases the hormone of pleasure, Dopamine. Constant deprivation thefore affect morale. The solution : treat yourself with a sweetness once a day ( of course you have to be reasonable, a square of dark chocolate if a good treat while detoxifying). Breakfast is the perfect time to treat yourself as all the calories you will spend during the day then you can hava a healthy lunch and dinner.

4. Keep a healthy lifestyle and do not focus on your weight.

It’s a vicious circle : the fear of regaining weight is very often a stressor, which in turn leads to weight gain. The pounds also depend on what happens in your head. Remenber that after a detox program you suppose to feel light and better. Try to keep a healthy lifestyle which also incude a good sleep not only work out and healthy food, you will later all of them are connect. Try to balance your sleep hours ( sleep at the same hour and try to wake at the same hour everyday).

Stop counting your pounds and do not focus on calories when you eat. If you have been able to put in place  some healthy reflexes regarding meals, activity, lifestyle, then you dont need to continu weighing everyday or counting calories. A successful detox must keep the pounds and toxins lost. After the end of the diet it is essentiel  to do not back at the old bad habits who made you needed the detox. You can keep drinking our detox green tea time to time during the week ( during breakfast for exemple, it will provide you all the energy you need during the day).

5. Keep good eating habits.

Do not fall into toxins, the goal is to do a detox program twice or twrice a year and not every two months, your body doesnt need to be used to this. Keeping the balanced eating habits that you have discovered or rediscovered during your detox is a fundamental point. This attitude is a guarante of your success into a healthy lifestyle.

Prefer the slow sugars, proteins and carbs ( starches, vegetables…) Try to have vegetables at every meal, fruits, raw vegetables, fish, chicken ( no skin, no bones), you can find delicious and healthy recipes in our blog.

  • Avoid junk food

  • Limit sugar ( you can replace it with a subtitute or agave, stevia..)

  • Replace your oil by olive oil who has less calories

  • Avoid nibbling ( or as we said if you feel hundry take a chocalet square or a fruit like apple)

  • Avoid quick sugar ( candies, cakes, sodas…yes we know is very hard, but you will thanks yourself later)

Finally most important, be proud of you, you are beautiful and strong. Give yourself credit for all that you made it through Be proud of what you have accomplished. Remenber that you have come a long way from where you were in the past.