General information.

  • What Is a Teatox?

    Teatox = Tea + Detox! It is a natural tea detox program. You can choose the 14 Day or the
    28 Day program where you consume a cup of tea tree time a day : morning, noon, evening during or after meal.
    A Teatox is NOT a diet or a meal replacement; you still have to eat your regular meals (preferenced healthy meal)

  • Where Bon et Bio Tea’s ingredients are from ?

    Bon et Bio Tea is a New York-based company. All the ingredients are sourced from a certified organic supplier based in New York State. You can find the origin of each ingredient under the products in our Shop

  • Where can i find the nutrition facts of Bon et Bio Tea detox ?

    You can find all the information related to our teatox on our website https://bon-biotea.com via the products page, or on the back of each package.

  • Should I eat while I teatox ?

    It’s recommended to eat healthy, if you want to have better results of our teatox then you should follow a balanced diet et excercice. You find healthy recipes on our blog or in our nutrition guide who will help you to follow an apropriate teatox program

  • How often should I detox?

    It depends entirely on your body’s needs and how you feel. Some customers Teatox a few times a year while others Teatox in preparation for a big day! We do, however, recommend a 6 week break between each Teatox.

  • I have a pre-existing medical condition or eating disorder , can I still Teatox

    If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we strongly advise you to consult your General Physician before undertaking our Teatox program. You must not rely on the information on https://www.bon-biotea.com as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare providers. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

  • Will i have diarrhea or stomach cramps ?

    Bon et Bio Tea is laxative-free so you will not have diarrhoea or stomach pain. It will actually improve your digestion (Ginger helps to sustain digestive enzymes, which neutralize acids, supporting the entire digestive process). But remember that lemon is a diuretic so you probably will be peeing a lot during your teatox.

  • I have no time to exercise, would I still see results?

    Come on ! at least try, We strongly recommend you to eat healthy and exercise
    regularly for best results. Even small things like incorporating easy exercises into your
    daily life will help, like, taking a walk after dinner, or choosing the stairs over the
    elevator, you can find hacks about exercise and balanced nutrition on our wellness
    blog and more on our nutrition guide. A healthy diet is key though so definitely ensure
    you opt for lots of protein, green vegetables, and complex carbs.

  • Can I drink the tea while I’m breastfeeding or pregnant?

    Bon et Bio Tea All-Natural ingredients, all of which are very mild and do not contain
    high potency. Our Bon et Bio Tea Detox contain a very small amount of Plant Based
    Caffeine ( Guarana ) which is very low ( 3%). Drinking Bon et Bio Tea can help you

    keep a sustained level of energy while receiving all of the vitamins, minerals and anti-
    oxidants from our loose leaf blends. We don’t recommend you to teatox while

    pregnant or breastfeeding but you can consume our teas as regular tea.
    We recommend that you consult your doctor to ensure that you, or your baby, are not
    sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients in our Bon et Bio Tea.
    However, once you’ve delivered your bundle of joy and have finished breastfeeding,
    our Teatox is perfect to help you on your quest to get your pre-baby body. We advise
    you to please be patient even though we know you can’t wait to try our delicious teas.

  • When do I stop Teatoxing?

    We recommend that you complete the 28 day Teatox. If you have taken a break for
    some reason, you can always jump back on track.
    We do advise at least a 6 week break between each Teatox.

  • Will I lose weight?

    This is not a Weight loss tea is a cleansing tea which means our tea are made to clean your
    body from toxines not to burn fat. However if you adopt a healthy lifestyle who include a
    balanced diet and a regular physical activity, you will first feel better and then loose some
    weight. Results may vary from person to person.

  • What are your delivery rates?

    We worldwide shipping and We have FREE standard shipping anywhere in the
    USA We also ship internationally, but a shipping cost is added to your order
    depending on where you live. We offer FREE delivery on international orders over

  • How do I track my package?

    As soon as your package has left our warehouse and is on its way to you, you will receive a
    dispatch email with tracking information. For all matters regarding delivery, do contact our
    external courier partner directly which will be in the email. You may quote the tracking number
    found in the email, inform them of your delivery enquiry and they will assist you from there.
    Any problems or if you don’t receive your tracking email, please email Contact us

  • What Bon et Bio Tea means

    Bon et Bio Tea is French for Good and Organic Tea.

  • How does Bon et Bio Tea detox work?

    Bon et Bio Tea is created with all-natural and organics ingredients where each ingredient is specially sourced and selected for its unique properties. These ingredients are then combined and formulated using an effect known as ‘food synergy.’ So, not only do the different ingredients complement each other, they also are more potent together than they would be individually and work in harmony together to help you kickstart the best month ever. In order to give you the best Teatox experience, our select team have worked tirelessly to create one very special blend of tea who will help you to clean your body.

    We wanted to create the most effective Teatox program for you. Bon et Bio Tea detox will clean your body from toxins with green tea, yerba maté and lemon who are strong anti-oxidants, improve your digestion with the action of ginger who helps to sustain digestive enzymes, which neutralize acids, supporting the entire digestive process ; Guarana increases the basic metabolism of the cells and is a general and natural stimulant. Lemon, a diuretic, detoxifies and supports burning fat. Its acids also aid your digestion and protect your liver.

  • How to drink Bon et Bio Teas detox ?

    You can choose to drink Bon et Bio Tea as a regular tea day by day at your convenience or choose to follow our teatox program by drinking it thrice a dy ( morning, noon, evening) before or during a meal. Infuse one tea bag in a cup of 8z of hot water 4 to 5 min. Bon et Bio Tea content Guarana seeds ( which is a natural stimulant), we recommend to not consume after 7 pm.

  • What do the teas taste like?

    We made our tea with simple ingredients, a combination of plants to help you to clean you body from the inside but we also make sure it tastes very yummy The detox tea tastes fresh and earthy, with notes of lemon, ginger and maté leaves. It can be drink as hot tea in winter or as lemonade in hot weather simple chill it 1 hour after you made it and add some ice while your drink it. (hot or cold you will enjoy it and the benefits won’t be less).

    If you want you can add one teaspoon of agave and lemon for a better taste. Bon et Bio Tea is very light soi s also for you who is not a tea person

  • What are the precautions to take when starting a Teatox?

    Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should ask their General Physician before drinking our blends. For those below 16 years of age, we recommend getting parental consent as we believe that any decision about your health is something to be taken seriously. Remember to eat regularly and do not skip your meals! We eill never say it enough detox is not a diet is a lifestyle. Just avoid junk, it’s time to go healthy!

    If you want you can add one teaspoon of agave and lemon for a better taste. Bon et Bio Tea is very light soi s also for you who is not a tea person

  • Are there any side effects?

    Bon et Bio Tea is made from completely natural and 100% organic ingredients, however everybody is different and therefore can react differently to these ingredients. The ingredients are unlikely to bring about typical allergic responses, however do check the ingredients if you have any allergies. Our detox tea contains caffeine, so it is not suitable for people with caffeine sensitivity.

    If you want you can add one teaspoon of agave and lemon for a better taste. Bon et Bio Tea is very light soi s also for you who is not a tea person

  • Can I drink the detox teas on an empty stomach?

    Yes, you can, but do monitor your own body due to the guarana (who is a natural stimulant) in our detox tea, as taking caffeine on an empty stomach might cause gastric pains for some individuals. We do advice to consume the tea during or before mealsIf you want you can add one teaspoon of agave and lemon for a better taste. Bon et Bio Tea is very light soi s also for you who is not a tea person

  • Can I still drink alcohol while I teatox?

    The purpose of a teatox is to remove toxins in the body so we really don’t recommend
    the consumption of alcohol, as it is chock-full of nasty toxins and calories, which are
    the exact same things we want to eliminate while Teatoxing.
    However Alcohol is dangerous to health, consume it with moderation ( or do not at

  • What if I’m on the contraceptive pill or treatment ?

    Some of the ingredients of Bon et Bio Tea may affect the accuracy of the pill. We are
    sorry but we cannot comment on other forms of contraception or medicine and would

    ask you to consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist with the list of our ingredients on
    our shop page, under each product, to ensure you that you can consume our tea
    and it won’t affect your treatment.

  • Should i teatox during my periods ?

    Sure, you can definitly teatox during menstruations, its actually will help you, ginger
    root may benefits more ( as it warms your tummy and relaxes your muscles). There is no
    evidence to suggest you cannot Teatox while on your period.

  • Can I get a sample to try before purchasing?

    Yes, we are sampling our teas every Sunday at fulton stall market (207 Front St, New York, NY
    10038) If you are located in New York City area you can stop by and taste or purchase our
    You can also stay stunned, we organize monthly afternoon tea party in Manhattan, you can
    sign up when available and attend, there you can have a lot of fun and teas with us.
    You can also find us at some annual fair and expo as Vegetarian Food Festival, Green
    Festival Expo…

  • How long does the delivery take?

    USA: 2-4 Business days
    Europe: 4-5 Business days
    Rest of the World: 5-10 Business days
    Read more in our delivery page

  • Where can i return my package if need ?

    If there is any problems with you package and if you received it dammage, please contact us first at
    contact@bon-biotea.com or sen dit back here :
    Bon et Bio Tea
    450 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017



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