End the diet mentality this holiday season!

With the changing of seasons brings events centered around delicious food and tempting drinks. We all want to enjoy ourselves and indulge but don’t want to see an increase in our waist-lines. If we overeat, we feel guilty and start our next diet “tomorrow”. This unhealthy mindset of diet cycling can finally be broken, and I am going to teach you how… while also keeping in mind that we all need to indulge sometimes!


Intuitive eating is a technique that everyone should be practicing daily, especially when enjoying those not-so-healthy holiday dinners! The practice of intuitive eating has a focus of mindfulness while eating. It allows us to remove our typical restrictive mindset and eat all food with an intent of enjoying and savoring the flavors. Intuitive eating requires us to take a step back and focus on how the food is making us feel from the moment we smell it to the moment we digest it. By savoring each flavor we ensure that we fully enjoy the eating experience. We allow ourselves to take our time eating and pay close attention to how we are feeling during the meal to avoid overeating.

For ease, I have come up with 6 principles that will help you say goodbye to overindulging, constant restriction, and the consequential feelings of guilt and adopt a healthier relationship with food… all year long!



1. Honor your hunger– When your body signals that it needs fuel, nourish it with healthy food to keep yourself energized throughout the day. This will help prevent overeating later on in the day.

2. Make peace with food- Give yourself permission to eat foods you enjoy within moderation to avoid deprivation, cravings, bingeing, and guilt.

3. Honor your health- Make choices that help you feel good and nourish your body. Remember you don’t have to eat a perfect diet to be healthy; progress, not perfection, is what counts!

4. Discover the satisfaction factor- Allow yourself to find pleasure and satisfaction with eating. If you don’t love it don’t eat it, if you love it, savor it!


5. Incorporate all of your senses: Take your time and make sure to savor the flavors and textures in each bite. 

6. Respect your fullness- Listen to your body when it tells you that you are no longer hungry- you should be satisfied at the end of your eating experience… never “stuffed”.

Remember, the concept of intuitive eating takes daily practice, however, eventually the practice will come naturally. Start now and your body and mind will thank you later!