Here we are, the holidays are over, yes we know it’s very hard ( work, school…). You can do it. You’re may not on your good feet or in your best, that’s normal you  probably enjoyed too much your vacay, now let’s go back on track. Is time to detox your body.

Detox your body is the process to clean you bosy from the inside and you will see results inside and outside.


First we all need detox sometimes, because of the stress of say by say life ( work, school, alcool, pollution from outside) but if you are not the healthier eater and dont work out occasionallly then you certaintly feel one or all of those signs :

  • Fatigue:

    detox needed

High levels of toxins can cause adrenal fatigue which leaves you feeling tired and run out of the energy.

It is also a sign that your body is carrying extra unneeded weight in the form of undigested and incompletely digested food. Start your detox by eating less daily.

  • Counting sheep in the bed :

A body with a lot of toxins will have a lot of hormonal imbalance, this one won’t be able to cope with stress effectively, i twill result with insomnia. If is the case, your liver need to be clean ; It’s time to eat more vegetables asuch as broccoli and cauliflower.

  • Indigestion :

Is a bloated feeling that makes you almost feel like you are pregnant. If you have common indigestion problems, there may be blockages present that make a properly functioning digestive tract impossible. An intestinal cleanse will help correct this, even if long-lasting. The good intestinal cleanse should last 14-30 days and consist of eating less food, drinking more detox fiber.

  • Smelly Body:

If you just smell all over, and you do not know why, it may be time to clean your body. This is especially true if you live a healthy lifestyle. Bad smell equals detox time! Cleanse your bowels, remove animal products from your diet for a period.

detox needed


  • Weight Gain :

If you have been constantly having a good livestyle and don’t see the results ?  Then the toxins in your fats could be the cause.

You’ll need a liver cleanse using fruits and vegetables in a liquid form (blended or juiced). Avoid complex carbs, especially bread. Commit yourself to an hour of exercise every day.

If you feel some of those symptoms then its the signs you need a full boby cleanse, detoxifiant your body will help to clean it from the inside.Our Bon et Bio Tea can help you with 14 day detox or 28 day Teatox. Detox should not be more than 30 days and you should escape between each cure so your body can have time to rest from the last cure.

Detox is a lifestyle, isn’t just about drinking teatox it’s about changing your lifestyle by adopting healthy food, an a regulary workout plan.

For a good detox cleanse start with 3 day juice or smothie program, you can find some recipe on our blog here.