Tea, the second most consumming beverage in the world after water but we have to say is our first one. What better than a good glass of iced infusion, we know how to make a perfect organic, fresh and delicious beverage with no sugar, less calories.

This recipe is really simple and fast, with simple ingredients. This is still a detox tea

What we need :

  1. One organic lemon

  2. 2 bags of bon et bio

  3. 1 tablespoon of organic agav.

  4. 1 bunch of fresh organic mint




Infuse serapatly the tea (Is better to have it strong here to keep all the flavor, so infuse it at least 10 min, as you will be adding ice at the end, and ice is an extra water). and the mint in hot water.

Remove the  bag  and add the juice of a half of lemon, the agave mix all then add the mint infused. Our blend already includes lemon so add it in your convenience. Same for agave, depends if you love the sweetness or no.

Chill 2 hours ( or more)  and serve with ice.


We have more fresh recipes here This recipe can also be perfect while you eating a good meal.