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By: Jeanne Ngang

fall in love
4 snacks to pair our Fall in love Blend
September 3, 2019

Now that our fall in love is back in stock we have got a hundred how to pair it with the…

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November 8, 2018

INSIDE VIRILITEA    Hey Hubbies get ready, we have got something good for you ! virilitea is here and you are…

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Detox without sugar, 5 rules to adopt
October 22, 2018

Is Sugar is the new nicotine ?  Many of us are hooked and especially this food harms our health. This is…

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Fitness Center : The Best you can in NYC
October 15, 2018

You already know that Healthy lifestyle includes regular workout, of course, you can workout at home or do less by only…

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3 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes with 3 Ingredients
October 1, 2018

Fall is by so far my favorite season, but it’s also the season where you want to stay healthy without missing…

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guacamole végétalien
6 Surprising Vegan Guacamole Recipes
September 24, 2018

Avocado time, who doesn’t love Avocado? We back with incredible vegan avocado recipes that will greatly surprise you. My favorite way…

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livraison de repas sains
3 Healthy Meal Delivery Program
September 17, 2018

As we already said September is the best time to go back on track after this hot summer. However, you choose…

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détox après l'été
How to easily detox after summer
September 10, 2018

The big part of vacationing is to enjoy that rosé and ice cream plus home food with friend and family, of…

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benefits of lemon
8 Health benefits of Lemon you will like
September 3, 2018

Summer is done, it’s already time to get back in your basic routine. After all the ice creams and pizzas you…

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Thé vert
How green tea can helps loose your belly fat
April 30, 2018

summer is pointing out and you still wondering how to loose this belly fat ? Did you know having tight and…

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