You already know that you have to work out while you detox. The detox ( isn’t just about drinking our delicious organic teas) will just clean you body from the inside, so he will be ready to lose weigh if you eat healthy and have regulary a physical activity.

There is the Aerojump or Kangoo Jumps.


The principle ? Take an aerobics class on bouncing shoes, the Kangoo jumps.

The kangoo jumps looks like ski boots but with big springs.

It should already be able to get on these shoes, the first impression is the one that will fall, but do not worry because you can not fall.


To start with, you have to master the basics and have the sense of rythm to follow easily.

Pendulum right-left, scissors, jumps, race on the spot …. The basic steps are linked together and soon form a choreography. The hardest part is to train to lift the shoes that weigh their weight.

For beginners in sports, the first course may seem rather complicated on the length because it is recommended never to stop and the intense rhythm can tire. On the other hand, no risk of injury to the knees or joints, shoes were initially developed for runners and athletes in order to reduce the impact associated with high intensity sports activity. Indeed These trampoline boots are delusional! In addition to the fun they offer, they bring tremendous benefits, such as reducing the impact on joints by up to 80%.


Like the trampoline fabric, the “springs” of the shoes are designed to cushion shocks and reduce fatigue.

You can buy them here 

Good to know about the Kangoo Jump Studies show that Kangoo Jumps can burn up to 50% more calories, while increasing muscle mass and basic metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories at rest.

This sport is not new at all, originating in Latin America, it has existed for many years there it is increasingly trend all over the world.

For those who are located in New York City area you can find courses here:

Aerospace High Performance Center, 332 W 13th St at 4th St (212-929-1640, Mon 6:30–7pm, Fri 6–7pm; each class $40.

Otherwise the good plan is to buy the shoes and practice with you with or without friends (it is more fun in group).You will have fun guarantie and especially you feel great at the end and not too tired.

Here is one of our favorite video of kangoo.