We will never say it enough, DETOX IS NOT DIET IS A LIFESTYLE!!! but who say healthy lifestyle also say work out ( come on at least try). excercecing can be very fun sometimes, there is our top 3 of fun fitness class.


The Fit’Ballet is a clever mix of classical dance and fitness poses on lively music for an hour. This discipline allows to strengthen its muscles, to gain in flexibility and in elegance.The ballet course combines dance motions with fitness exercises, while raising the heart rate. It starts with 20 minutes of cardio by chaining folded, thrown and released, followed by 20 minutes of half-folded and arm movements. We finish with 20 minutes on the floor with abdominal glutes and stretches. The advantage of ballet is that it makes the whole body work.

Everyone can do it there are no complicated faces and have a lot of fun dancing and toning at the same time.

It’s new and we love it. Most of the gyms or dance hall offers it or you can find courses on youtube.

If you want to see significant results it’s recommended ballet twito pratice twice a week for at least three weeks.

You will thanks your self later.

2. LIA (Low Impact Aerobic).

It’s not zumba, not body jam but it looks like it. Fan (or not) aerobic? You will love it.More concretely, the LIA can be defined by a set of choreographed movements that aggregate as the course progresses. The LIA makes you work the coordination of arms and legs, your ability to perform these movements in music as well as your cardiovascular system. It is a so-called low-impact aerobics because the foot remains in contact with the ground (there is no jump or run except perhaps if you practice intermediate or confirmed activity). One of the peculiarities of this sport is that it is practiced without impact, at least in beginners courses. In LIA, there are no sports movements such as squats or slots. We are not in a concept of strengthening, but in a concept cardio and dance. In terms of physical effort, the LIA is suitable for everyone. Since there are few impacts, the LIA can be praticed by pregnant women as well as to people who have actually allowed to work the cardio and therefore to burn fat and spend calories, or for those who has joins problems ( check with your doctor before) or to beginners in fitness. But let’s say it suit better to all the lazy people out here…

It does allow to work the cardio and therefore to burn fat and to spend calories.

3. Pole Dance.

We are not done talking about dance. Ladies and gentelmen at your bars is the time of pole dance. THE MOST ACROBATIC AND SEXY FITNESS ACTIVITY. The pole dance is an acrobatic sport that is practiced using a vertical bar fixed from floor to ceiling. The goal is to alternate fixed figures, tricks, and moving figures, spins, around this vertical bar. It is a very special dance but it takes as much effort to see more than the regular dance. This will require a lot of flexibility and if you do not have it will be the opportunity to develope it. Your partner is a bar that you are going to have to seduce. Everyone can practice pole dance, but as we say before you need a mininum of flexibility.

But surely you are going to have lots of fun.